•  October 2008:
    Gabe Roder, Vancouver fireman: Fire Safety for the Hard of Hearing
  •  November 2008:
    CHHA Task Force on Electoral Reform and Governance Review: A Focus Group
  •  December 2008:
    Dan Pacioretti, Phonak- demonstration of group Fm system and INSPIRO System (fm-in-hearing-aaid technology)
  •  January 2009:
    Brad Ingrao, Canadian Sensory Institute
  •  February, 2009:
    Eileen Reppenhagen, “The Tax Detective”- Review of the Disability Tax Credit Application with special attention to the hard of hearing definition.
  •  March, 2009:
    Sharon Miller, WIDHH, Technical Aids department. Safety and Security Devices for the hard of hearing.
  •  April, 2009:
    Dr. Charles Laszlo, Professor Emeritus, UBC, V-IHEAR( Virtual Institute of Hearing Accessibility Research).
  •  November, 2009:
    Ava Murphy, UBC Law student – “The Disability Tax Credit and the definition of “quiet setting” as it applies to the hard of hearing: a brief for submission to the CRA

 CHHAVANCOUVER BRANCH PROGRAMS January 2010 – December 2011

  • January 2010:
    Dr. Lorienne Jenstad, UBC “What Research Tells Us About Hearing Aids: News That May Surprise You.”
  •  March 2010:
    Cindy Gustin, Coordinator, Adult Cochlear Implant Program, Saint Paul’s Hospital “What’s New With the Adult Cochlear Implant Program in B.C.: An Update”
  •  September 2010:
    Dr. Valter Ciocca, Director, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, UBC.  Topic “Behind the Sound Booth: You and Your Audiologist”
  •  January 2011:
    Grace Shyng, Head Audiologist, Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. “New Advances in Hearing Aids.”
  •  March 17th 2011:
    Kris Hewitt, Hearing Instrument Practitioner “All about Hearing Instrument Practitioners.
  •  May 19th 2011:
    Dr. Lorienne Jenstad, Assistant Professor, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, UBC, assisted by Danielle Winslow, Audiology Student “Why Are Some People Reluctant to Get Hearing Aids and What Are the Consequences When They Don’t?
    Presentation files:
    Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss PDF
    Barriers to Hearing Aid acquisition PDF
  • Sept 15th 2011
    Welcome Back Social and Membership Renewal
  • November 17th 2011
    Grace Shyng on “What’s new in hearing aids

 CHHAVANCOUVER BRANCH PROGRAMS January 2012 – December 2012

  • January 19 2012:
    Meeting cancelled
  • March 15 2012:
    Lisa Dillon-Edgett, Audiologist and Instructor in Speech reading at Vancouver Community College on “Speechreading
  • June 07 2012
    Program content: A report from the CHHA Conference;  report on the findings of the Branch Planning survey, which ran recently on Survey Monkey; and update on the Walk2Hear2012 Walkathon, scheduled for September 22nd, in Jericho Park.
  • October 18, 2012
    Featured speaker: Erica H. Zaia, vestibular audiologist, St. Paul’s Hospital Dept. of Audiology speaking about the assessment and management of vestibular problems.
    Presentation files:
    Understanding dizziness and balance disorders: how can an audiologist help?

CHHAVANCOUVER BRANCH PROGRAMS January 2013 – December 2013

  • January 17, 2013
    Featured speaker: Dr. Amir Soltani, Certified Clinical Audiologist, Hearing Aid Specialist, Clinical Instructor, University of British Columbia.
    Presentation files:
    What’s new in hearing aids?
    Presentation preview files:
    Hearing Aids ENT Residents 2012 | PDF | PPT
    BAHA 2012 ENT Residents | PDF | PPT
  • March 16, 2013
    Featured speaker: Susan Clarke, Certified Audiologist, Vancouver Hearing Centre
    “Everything You Wanted to Ask About Hearing Aids”
    Everything You Wanted to Ask About Hearing Aids | PDF
  • May 23- 25 2013
    CHHA National Conference, Edmonton Ab.
  • June 6, 2013
    Featured speaker: Julie Cheng, Physiotherapist at St. Pauls’ hospital
    Topic: “Treatment of balance and dizziness disorders”