Teresa Hemsing


Teresa Hemsing

Teresa Hemsing, a multi-year volunteer with CHHA-Vancouver’s Walk2Hear annual fundraiser, is now a Member-at-Large on the CHHA Vancouver Board. She has been a Member-at-Large and President of the CHHA-North Shore Branch.

After decades studying, working, and living with hearing loss, Teresa continues to be interested in how hearing devices, assistive technologies, and coping strategies can improve hearing and understanding. Teresa encourages other people with hearing loss to use technologies like telecoils, hearing loops, captioning, Bluetooth audio-streaming, remote microphones, and apps. Speechreading, picking preferential seating, and finding quieter/brighter environments are other tactics she promotes.

Teresa earned a B.Com. from UBC and worked in technology marketing administration and software engineering positions. Currently, Teresa lives with her family in the Vancouver area and volunteers at her children’s school.